Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Tale of Two Tech Deals -- FriendFeed & Frontier Airlines?????

Several acquisitions impacting tech titans were announced in the past couple days -- on Sunday, Publicis Groupe buying digital ad agency Razorfish from Microsoft, and yesterday, first, Facebook buying FriendFeed for nearly $50 million (in a very "folksy" Silicon Valley kind of way -- check out the pics here) ... and, second, Southwest Airlines making a bid to buy Frontier Airlines for $170 million.

Huh? What? What does Frontier Airlines have to do with anything?

Well, Southwest Airlines is THE airlines for tech types -- certainly on the West Coast. I take -- and have taken -- the Southwest "bus" for years flying from San Diego to the Bay Area to San Jose and all points beyond. If Southwest succeeds in its bid to buy Frontier Airlines, the tech exec will have even more bus routes to choose from ...