Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Developers Wanted! Sorenson Announces New FREE SDK for 360 (Beta)

It's about time ... developers asked for it, and they got it.

Today, my company, Sorenson Media, announces the availability (in beta) of an SDK for our Sorenson 360 video publishing platform (which we like to call our "video delivery network" or VDN). Now, developers can use their own media players -- or third party players -- and have the full quality, power and ease of our highly regarded new all-in-one video solution (that Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media recently called "a winner").

We also now have a new Professional Services Department to customize solutions for those of our customers who would rather leave the coding to us.

Because our SDK is in beta, we are limiting its availability for the time being. If interested, contact us at SDK@sorensonmedia.com or click here. And, stay tuned ... we are committed to bring developers more and more of the quality and power of what we do here at Sorenson Media.