Friday, July 31, 2009

Surprising to Many Video Platforms, HQ Video Is Essential for SMBs

I frequently write about the online video space because, well, that is the space my company lives in. And, I frequently underscore the seemingly obvious message that HQ video is "job 1" for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and video professionals. This is the target market segment we hope to satisfy at Sorenson Media.

Contentinople -- a highly respected publication in the digital media space -- recently released a video platform study that underscores this seemingly obvious point. 75% of survey respondents on which conclusions were based were SMB media companies. And, in the study's words, "respondents selected high-quality video distribution as the most important capability ...." The study further concludes that this result is, in significant part, to the poor video quality on YouTube and other online video sites.

Seemingly obvious, yes. But not obvious to many -- including most video publishing platforms. As I have also previously written on several occasions, video quality comes from the encoding process (apart from the initial video capture piece). And, only Sorenson Media's video publishing platform -- Sorenson 360 -- uses client-side encoding (and, in particular, the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine). Client-side encoding is far superior to the server side encoding used in essentially all other video publishing platforms.