Friday, July 24, 2009

Internet Video -- Market Sizing & Research -- How Big? Already Massive & Still Very, Very Early

I am frequently asked if I have any data about the overall size of the online video market, the promise of mobile video, etc. I rarely, if ever, find anyone who believes the market will be anything but massive -- for both consumer generated content and professionally produced content. And, we are still in the very early innings -- as I like to say, "inning 2 of a 9 inning game" (and perhaps even at the bottom of the 1st).

I have frequently written about online video market sizing -- and linked to relevant studies -- and I have provided those previous posts here as a resource. I think these will be helpful (remember, these link to the analyst reports and summaries as well).

First, here is a link to the question of monetizing Internet video — and this post links to an important analysis and fascinating forecast numbers (including the massive growth for professionally produced and premier video content):

Second, here is a link to a post that describes the overall video market opportunity — and provides a link to a study that tries to “size” that market opportunity:

Third, here is a link to a post that describes mobile video capture via the iPhone and the ultimate mobile video opportunity:

Fourth, as a bonus, here is a link that writes about the critical importance of high quality video and the role the encoding process plays in that quest:

Fifth, as an added bonus, here is a link to the recent review by online video expert Dan Rayburn of of our new enhanced “Sorenson 360” video publishing platform service -- and the role it can play for the video professional and small-to-medium business:

Sixth, as a final bonus, here is a link that describes the
Sorenson Spark codec’s “place” in the Internet video eco-system (and why Verizon, Qualcomm and others license Spark) -- it is the world's most ubiquitous video codec: