Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Sorenson Has a Winner" With Sorenson 360 Vid Publishing, Says Dan Rayburn of StreamingMedia

Earlier today, I wrote about our new enhanced "Sorenson 360" product launch.

Early reviews are in -- and, I am pleased and proud to say -- they are glowing. One of the most respected voices in our online video space -- Dan Rayburn of -- writes the following headline:

Now, Dan doesn't just read press releases. He spends a lot of time personally testing/using the products and services about which he writes. And, this was a formal product review. Which makes it even sweeter.

Dan also writes about the specific market segment that is in need of -- and is satisfied by -- Sorenson 360. The video professional and small-to-medium business (SMB). Squeeze-type users, in other words, where quality matters most.

Dan's last sentence also brings all of us a smile at Sorenson Media -- in his words, "I see [Sorenson Media] leading the small and medium sized market with this offering."

That is our strategy; that is our goal. And, that ultimately comes down to whether we succeed in giving the video professional and SMB what they need to get their prized video assets onto the web easily and with the highest quality -- so that they can make more money and better monetize their businesses.

It's Official -- Sorenson 360 Now Features Secure Vid Review & Customizable Player Options

Two months ago, my company, Sorenson Media, launched our new "Sorenson 360" solution -- what we call our video delivery network (or VDN), because it re-imagines what a video publishing platform should be. The reception for this new differentiated service was uniformly positive (if not downright effusive).

Today, and due to heavy demand both from existing Sorenson Squeeze users and new users alike, we are officially introducing secure password protected workflow/video and customizable player options. Our one-of-a-kind browser-based client-side encoding -- simple drag and drop video with the full client-side power and quality of Squeeze -- also has been enhanced and is now significantly faster. Bottom line -- our customers spoke, so we listened. Click here to read the full press release that goes into more of the details.

So, why is Sorenson Media playing in this evermore-crowded video publishing platform space? For a number of critical differentiating reasons -- summarized simply, we are uniquely situated:

(1) only Sorenson 360 places quality first and foremost -- we uniquely bring the power of client-side encoding (all other services use server-side encoding), achieved through the world renown Squeeze encoding engine;

(2) we are uniquely focused on meeting the needs of video professionals and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), a customer base we know well because we already have been meeting their needs for years with Squeeze -- in other words, we are not trying to be everything to everyone;

(3) we already have an existing massive customer base of Squeeze users who are hungry for us to provide a full end-to-end workflow solution -- they needed a one-stop quality shop, and they know they can get that from us because they have for years; so, unlike others, we don't need to start from "Customer Zero";

(4) we have been a pioneer in the online video world for 14 years -- we have been here, and we will be here; we have a long history of profitability, and our balance sheet is strong (no need to raise money). How many others in our space can say that?

Test drive Sorenson 360 for free -- and, let me know what you think by sending me a note at