Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing "The iPhone Challenge" -- 1 Part Video + 2 Parts Twitter = iPhone 3G S

Question -- What do you get when you mix online video with Twitter and the new iPhone 3G S?

Answer -- A powerful demonstration of how drop dead easy it is to create and publish high quality extremely viral video in the form of a contest to win a new iPhone 3G S (complete with a one year service contract). Check out the "iPhone Challenge" by clicking on this link.

The "special sauce" that makes this all possible is Sorenson Media's new "Squish"-related technology -- Squish brings the full power of Squeeze's renown client-side encoding engine directly into your browser (no separate app needed). How cool is that? But, don't just believe me, check out the "iPhone Challenge" videos themselves and add your own.

This is the kind of creativity and passion you see with my team at Sorenson Media -- the hallmark of innovation.