Thursday, July 09, 2009

Can Twitter Ever Make Money? Its CEO Says Nary a Chirp

It's that time of year -- Paul Allen's annual clash of the media titans in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Not surprisingly, this year, much of the chatter concerns Twitter -- and, the buzz is hot hot hot (who doesn't Tweet anymore?).

But, though they may be Twitter aficionados themselves, these media titans generally doubt that Twitter can ever make real money -- or, anything close to the kind of money necessary to be profitable. Both John Malone (Chairman of Liberty Media) and Barry Diller (CEO of IAC/Interactive Corp.) said as much during a conference panel, which was attended by Twitter CEO Evan Williams among others.

And, what did Williams say in response? Not a chirp ...

So, as hot and ubiquitous as Twitter is, who will shell out the big cash to buy it? Well, Google paid some big coin for Youtube (which bleeds money) for strategic reasons, and I have little doubt that someone will do the same for Twitter.