Monday, June 29, 2009

Yahoo -- "Quoth the Maven, Nevermore ..."

Maven Networks -- killed by Yahoo! after 17 months and $160 million.

... and Yahoo!'s video ambitions remain murky. On the one hand, CEO Carol Bartz recently underscored the fact that Internet video is still in its infancy -- and that Yahoo! needs to invest in video technology because Internet video presents a massive opportunity. And, on the other hand, Maven is no more.

Maven customers -- come to us -- we will take care of you with our new "Sorenson 360" service and the transition will be painless. You are in good hands. We at Sorenson Media have been leaders in Internet video for 14 years -- and we have a strong balance sheet. We have been here innovating ... and we will continue to be here innovating. You need not worry that we will be shut down. And, that is critical when you are entrusting your prized video assets. It also is a substantial differentiator between Sorenson Media and virtually all others in our video publishing space.