Friday, June 19, 2009

$80,000 Per Song -- The Price of Illegal Music File Sharing

I always knew my home state, Minnesota, was comprised of upstanding citizens! Just when you thought the days of the music industry suing those who illegally download music were over, a Minnesota jury hits one such pirates with a judgment of $1.92 million. That's $80,000 per song (24 songs).

Actually, this was the second time the pirate's case went to trial -- the first one was tossed out due to erroneous jury instructions. In round 1, the verdict was a paltry $222,000 comparatively.

Why not simply pay the content providers for the music you like? So many different ways to do it. And, so easy to do. You can pay per song; you can subscribe to unlimited monthly music for less than a price of a CD; and you can even stream it for "free" with ad-supported services.

Yes, the chances that you "get caught" are minuscule -- but, it ain't about getting caught. It is about doing the right thing and supporting those who give you the music, movies, and more that add so much to life ...