Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ahh, Now THIS Is What the 24/7 News Cycle is For!

Breaking news across all major outlets on the Internet, including -- President Obama swats fly and wins!

Now THIS is what the Internet and the 24/7 news cycle are all about! I thankfully have 3G wireless broadband on our boat on Lake Como, Italy so that I don't miss any of this stuff! This story demonstrates the courage and agility of our President under fire!

Can you even remember the days when you had to wait for the morning paper to learn of such moments of consequence?

Logitech Vid -- Now We See Why Logitech Acquired SightSpeed

Well, at long last, the curtain is up on the initial end result of Logitech acquiring my former company, SightSpeed, last year. Introducing the Logitech Vid -- drop dead easy one click high quality video chat. The Wall Street Journal, via The Mossberg Solution, gives the Vid a big thumbs up -- click here to read it -- which, of course, is about the best badge of honor anyone could ask for.

So, congratulations to Logitech -- and to the entire SightSpeed team (past and present that has been led by compadre Scott Lomond since the acquisition) -- for making this happen. If you have never really tried video chat, now is your time. You will be amazed at how it transforms your communications.