Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone Live Video Streaming? Only a Matter of Time

Yesterday, TechCrunch had an interesting post about whether live video streaming will come to the iPhone (note that video capture just capture was just announced this past Monday for the new iPhone 3G S).   Is there even a market for live video streaming from your mobile device?

The answer to both questions is an absolute "yes."  In the case of Apple, live video streaming from the iPhone is only a matter of time.  (In fact, as the TechCrunch article points out, live video streaming on the iPhone already is here and now for many who are using unauthorized apps to make this happen.)

And, live video from your mobile device will become a routine part of how we communicate to each other ... and in ways that today we can't even imagine.

Palm Tries to Steal a Page from Apple's Playbook ... But Is It Bitten (Again) Instead?

First, Palm launches its much anticipated -- and critical company product -- Pre smart phone only three days before this week's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, virtually ensuring that its Pre launch would be lost amid the Apple clucking (which it was -- did you see all those live blogs during Apple's announcements on Monday? Unbelievable how effective the Apple marketing machine is ... I continue to write about them now!)

Whether or not this executive move was planned prior to the Pre launch, it is a highly curious announcement at this moment in time for Palm.  Most likely this move was planned far in advance to signify to the world that this is the "new" Palm with a new attitude -- new innovative products (the Pre) and new top management (Rubenstein).  Apparently, part of Palm's strategy to out-Apple Apple ...

Nonetheless, it strikes me that Palm's marketing department could learn a lesson from Apple.  But, having said that, can't we all?