Saturday, June 06, 2009

LA Times -- Palm's Pre Beats the iPhone -- But, That Verdict is PREmature

The LA Times weighs in on the new smart phone battle royale that begins today -- that is, the Palm Pre's chances against the reigning champ, Apple's iPhone.  And, the winner?  According to the LA Times, the Pre is the new champ -- at least in terms of sheer functionality.  Read the side-by-side comparison here.

But, as I wrote yesterday, will this really matter?  Functionality alone does not a winner make, especially when Apple is involved.  With Apple products, overall aesthetic and "cool" factor make all the difference.  Who do you know who doesn't want an iPhone?

That's quite a mountain to climb for the Pre ... and for anyone else for that matter.  And, Apple surely will have some more tricks up its sleeves at this week's upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.