Friday, June 05, 2009

Palm Looks to "Pre"-empt Apple's New iPhone Announcement -- Guess Who Will Win?

At long last, Palm is set to introduce its new "Pre" smart phone tomorrow.  Success of the Pre is absolutely critical for Palm in order to stay relevant.  And, advance reviews of the new smart phone, which runs on Palm's new webOS software, have been mostly positive (including a "thumbs up" from perhaps the single most influential personal technology writer in the world -- Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal).  Sprint is set to sell the Pre at $200 -- and, Sprint too has a lot riding on its success.

But, wait ... hold the phone.  Apple is rumored to be introducing its new iPhone early next week at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.  And, you can bet this rumor will hold true (I am personally waiting to buy a new iPhone until later this month in anticipation of this new version).  Even more -- Steve Jobs is now reported to be coming back to work to introduce the new iPhone next week, after being on a health hiatus for months.

Sounds to me that -- once again -- Apple will steal its competitors' thunder with a major marketing coup.  And, Palm's attempt to Pre-empt Apple (by releasing it in advance of Apple's conference) will backfire and the sounds of its Pre announcement will be muted by the Apple faithful (which include the bulk of the press).

Seems to me like Palm's marketing folks dropped the call on this one ...