Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NEW Sorenson Squeeze v5.1 -- Jan Ozer Calls It "Dramatically Improved"

Although my blog is primarily focused on what I believe to be important overall developments in the digital media industry, when warranted, I use it also to announce important new "news" at my company, Sorenson Media.  
Last week, you may recall, we released new "Sorenson 360", our new VDN ("video delivery network") -- which many called a "game-changer."  Now, we also have a new version of our flagship "Sorenson Squeeze" encoding software -- v5.1, which, according to respected industry expert Jan Ozer features "dramatically improved" video encoding.  And, existing Squeeze 5 users get this new version for free -- while customers of earlier versions can take advantage of our limited special offer.  Contact -- and new customers, of course, can go directly to our website.

In any event, I am pleased to say that Squeeze -- already the industry's gold standard -- is even better.

"What, Me Worry?" Says Google to Microsoft & Yahoo!

Microsoft and Yahoo! soon will introduce new versions of their search engines -- featuring enhancements intended to better organize search results and provide deeper content (e.g., photos and not just links).  

Hmmm, sounds awful like's attempts to shake up the search engine market a couple years back.  Although many found Ask's search engine to provide the "best" and richest results, the market simply didn't care.  Google's market share continued to grow, while Ask's held steady.

So, no matter what others do, will anyone really leave Google?