Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Qualcomm Partners with Sorenson Media to Spark Video on Next Gen Multimedia Mobile Phones

I am very pleased to report that Qualcomm and my company, Sorenson Media, are now partners.  

Qualcomm has licensed Sorenson Spark -- the world's most ubiquitous video codec -- for chipsets to power the next generation of high-performance, low power, and multimedia-rich mobile phones, mobile computing devices and other consumer electronics.  Sorenson Spark, the first video codec used in Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash), is essential to enable the playback of hundreds of millions of Internet videos.  As an example, without Sorenson Spark, consumers cannot enjoy the full world of videos on YouTube.  YouTube also is a licensee of Sorenson Spark from Sorenson Media, as are countless others, including Verizon Wireless who announced that it had licensed Sorenson Spark from Sorenson Media earlier this month.  

We are proud of expanding our partnerships to include many of the most respected and innovative global names/brands in the worlds of technology and communications.

The full Qualcomm/Sorenson Media press release -- which will be issued later this morning -- is below (you are reading about this first!):

Sorenson Spark Video Decoder Licensed by Qualcomm for Mobile Video

Sorenson Spark, Internet’s Most Widely Used Video Decoder, to be Included in Qualcomm Chipsets

SAN DIEGO (April 29, 2009)—Sorenson Media today announced that its Sorenson Spark video decoder has been licensed by Qualcomm for chipsets targeted at the next generation of high-performance, low-power and multimedia-rich mobile phones, mobile computing devices, and other consumer products. The Sorenson Spark video codec will enable devices to play a wide variety of videos available on the Internet. 

Sorenson Media’s Sorenson Spark decoder was the first codec used in Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash, today’s de facto standard for Web video. Sorenson Spark is the industry’s most ubiquitous video decoder and enables the playback of hundreds of millions of videos on the Internet. For example, YouTube -- which is the single largest online video destination site today -- utilizes Sorenson Spark.  

“As mobile multimedia expectations continue to grow, we remain committed to offering our customers innovative solutions that enable a next-generation experience,” said Jason Bremner, senior director of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.  Sorenson Spark will enhance our product portfolio with comprehensive video capabilities, enriching the Internet video experience for mobile users.

“One of the most productive features of these powerful new mobile multimedia form factors is their ability to take full advantage of Web video,” said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. “We are thrilled to be providing Qualcomm with Sorenson Spark to raise the bar for mobile multimedia possibilities and enjoyment.

About Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media (, the global leader for encoding and compression applications, provides solutions that enable users to easily and affordably compress, manage and deliver high quality video over the Internet and to CDs, DVDs, mobile devices and other formats. The company also creates innovative Web applications for publishing, editing and managing user-generated video content, and for the development of customizable media sharing sites. Sorenson Media’s Sorenson Spark codec is the industry’s most widely accessed digital video codec, and was the first codec used in Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash, today’s de facto standard for Web video. Since its inception in 1995, Sorenson Media has been at the forefront of the digital video industry, offering award-winning technology and products that dramatically improve the Internet experience for developers and users alike.  


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