Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apple iPhone: Verizon Calling -- AT&T: Hang Up That Call!

AT&T be afraid, be very afraid.  

Verizon, not surprisingly, apparently is making a big push with Apple to finally distribute the iPhone.  The iPhone, of course, has been yet another huge hit for Apple (virtually everyone I know has one) and, accordingly, for AT&T which scored a huge coup against Verizon and other wireless carriers when it announced its exclusive iPhone arrangement at its debut in 2007.  AT&T has been able to bask in the power and prestige of Apple's overall "cool" factor (in San Diego, AT&T's coverage is much spottier than Verizon's, but my wife and friends I know put up with it because the iPhone is the iPhone).  AT&T's exclusivity with Apple, however, is reported to end in 2010.

AT&T -- note to self -- stop Verizon's overtures at virtually all costs!  As big as the iPhone is today, we still are in its early days.  The iPhone's growth path seems to be deja vu all over again -- akin to the relatively early days of the iPod.  As big as the iPod was in its first couple years, its growth exploded even further as the years went on.