Monday, April 27, 2009

Joost Do It! ... But Didn't

Joost, the Internet TV site founded by the founders of Skype and Kazaa, launched two years ago with great fanfare.  And, at the time, the media business joined the resounding chorus of inevitable victory, despite the fact that it previously considered Kazaa and its founders to be pirates enabling the mass pilfering of their content.

That was then, this is now.  Fast forward 2 years.  Despite its air of inevitability, the shine has come off the Joost tube.  It is Hulu -- the Internet TV joint venture between media titans NBC Universal and News Corp -- that has captured the public's fancy rather than Joost.  "Traditional media", in other words, beats back the titans of "new media" -- and does so on new media's own turf.  

No one saw this coming.  Joost was supposed to win -- Hulu was expected to lose ... and lose big.  Well, that didn't happen.  And now, Joost is looking to sell itself.  It simply couldn't Joost do it ...

Facebook -- Opens Up and Shows More of Your Face to Developers

Facebook, which catapulted its growth when it was one of the first to open up its APIs to outside developers nearly two years ago, now will open up even further.  The service plans to give developers access to information that appears in update streams on users' home pages and profiles.  According to the Wall Street Journal, this means "developers can build services that access the photos, videos, notes and comments users upload to Facebook."  But, don't worry, if you're a Facebook user, your permission is needed to make your data available.

Facebook's initial decision to open its APIs was a watershed for the service -- rocketing its growth.  The service hopes that its latest move toward "open-ness" will do the same, giving more ways for its users to engage each other and spend more time with the service.