Thursday, April 23, 2009

MySpace -- Oh My! Founders & Senior Management Expected to be Shown the Door

In a not-all-that-surprising (yet still remarkable) move, News Corp's new digital guru -- former AOL topper Jonathan Miller -- is soon expected to show MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe (CEO), Tom Anderson (President) and Aber Whitcomb (CTO) the door and replace them with new top management.  (Note -- the Los Angeles Times' story focuses only on DeWolfe's termination, and not on the other two founders; let's see if TechCrunch or the LA Times is right.  Subsequent note -- looks like TechCrunch is right -- all will be gone, according to the Wall Street Journal.)

MySpace has been conspicuously quiet and out-of-mind for the digerati for quite some time -- and that's the problem.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are (and have been for quite some time) the darlings of the digital media world, and the once heralded innovator MySpace has fallen behind in the minds of tech leaders and users alike.

But, will MySpace's remaining talent see the same kind of rush for the exits that Yahoo! experienced with all of the internal shake-ups?  If the company does, that will only exacerbate News Corp's problems.