Tuesday, April 07, 2009


First, newspapers.  Next, video stores.  The long-predicted demise of Blockbuster video may soon become a reality, as Blockbuster may soon file for bankruptcy.  And, the culprit?  The Internet, of course, among other in-home video delivery options.  Unlimited choice; unlimited convenience; unlimited comfort -- the promise of on-demand Internet video distribution.  Why leave your home when you don't have to?

And, speaking of newspapers and their view of the Internet, one of the stalwarts of the "Old Guard" -- the Associated Press -- now plans to pursue legal remedies against online outlets that they claim "misappropriate" their content.  But, the AP apparently has forgotten painful lessons learned from the music industry.  You simply cannot sue problems away.  At the risk of sounding like I am minimizing AP's dilemma, resources are better spent on seeking forward-looking solutions. 

The onward march of the Internet continues unabated at the expense of the physical world.