Monday, March 30, 2009

Avid & Sorenson Media -- The Promise, Power & Priority of Partnerships

Today, my company, Sorenson Media, announced a significant expansion of our long-time partnership with Avid Technologies, a leader in video editing (and favorite among the Hollywood elite, among others).  My company is absolutely committed to being the best possible partner for Avid and others -- not an advertisement, just reality.  Partnerships -- and uniquely being able to deliver on partner needs -- is a recurring theme amongst the companies I have been fortunate to lead.  Sorenson Media now, but SightSpeed, Musicmatch, and eNow before.  

How are successful partnership strategies and relationships realized?  As you can imagine, I have some strong opinions and conclusions in that regard.  I discussed these in one of my posts from several months ago.  Although I wrote this in the context of SightSpeed, the lessons learned and to be applied are equally apt today -- not only for Sorenson Media, but also for any company committed to pursuing a successful partnership strategy.  

And, we at Sorenson Media are absolutely committed to pleasing our partners in ways that no other company can.  We have the best in class services; we have the best and most experienced team; we have the flexibility; we have the stability that others simply don't have (we have been in the business since 1995 and profitable for several years -- who else can say that?); and we have the passion to follow through and please our partners.  And, don't underestimate the power of passion.