Monday, March 23, 2009

Qualcomm "Zees" Gold with Gamers -- Introduces New Game System

Qualcomm today comes out of stealth mode with a new company and game system in which it is heavily invested -- Zeebo.  

You may ask, "does the world need yet another game system to compete with the Big Three (i.e., Nintendo's Wii, Sony Playstation, and Microsoft's Xbox)"?

Qualcomm thinks so ... and thinks there is gold in them thar hills ... particularly in countries like Brazil and Mexico where piracy of games is rampant.  Zeebo's new game system integrates Qualcomm's chips and BREW software platform.  And, the company's pitch of differentiation from the others will be piracy protection for the game content.  The company will distribute its games wirelessly, rather than via game discs that arguably are more prone to piracy.

Audacious move.  But, don't count out the power the of San Diego-grown technology and expertise (okay, so I'm a little partial) ....