Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Company, Sorenson Media, Expands Significantly -- Now We Can Surf & Ski

My company, Sorenson Media, announces today that we are significantly expanding our operations into San Diego -- in addition to our talented team based in Salt Lake City.  While core engineering and services will remain in Salt Lake, our business operations will now be based in our new Southern California office -- in the heart of digital media closer to our media partners and other key partners and customers.  

I am happy to report that we are hiring -- and hiring significantly -- now in both offices.  And, I expect our San Diego office to triple in size (and am currently looking for expanded office space to accommodate).  Good news, of course, in these crazy times, when the vast majority of companies -- including competitors -- are down-sizing.  

We are fortunate to be historically profitable (have been for years) -- and, we are beyond bullish on the overall video over the Internet market opportunity (and our critical -- and expanding -- role in the online video eco-system).  We have an aggressive expansion strategy that will come to light in the not-too-distant future ... so stay tuned. 

Quite simply, our products and service are higher quality, easier to use, and more cost-effective -- and we already have an extremely loyal and deep customer base and trusted brand.  We will be around -- and have been around for years.  What others in our space can say that?  And, that is a critical point when companies and consumers are entrusting their prized video content.

And, that is why I recently joined the company.  I have never been more confident in the prospects of massive growth for a company that I have led.  And, that is saying a lot, given the pedigree of the other companies with which I have been associated.