Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitter -- Keeping Our Communities Safe?

Twitter is everywhere.  Twitter is the new digital darling.  President Obama twittered his way to the top.  And, I too have fallen under its spell and have finally begun to "tweet."

But, Twitter is not just for keeping friends and colleagues in the loop on snippets of your life anymore.  Police and fire departments have begun to use Twitter to keep the public apprised of breaking news and information concerning their safety.

Jimmy Fallon -- The First Mainstream Late Night Blog Show

Jimmy Fallon -- former star of NBC's Saturday Night Live -- has a new late night talk show.  No big deal there ... doesn't everyone?

But Fallon is a different kind of host -- he is a techno-geek.  He Twitters.  He blogs.  He invites guests who Twitter and blog.  His is the first mainstream late night TV blog show.  And, his show prominently features digital media and technology (isn't all media digital now-a-days?).  Engadget's Editor Joshua Topolsky, for god's sake, was on his show last week!

The merging of "traditional" TV and the Internet marches on ...   

(Speaking of SNL, think of its impact on the mass adoption of video over the Internet in the past few years: (1) first, SNL is largely credited for rocketing YouTube into the stratosphere with the doughnut rap parody "Lazy Sunday"; (2) second, SNL also is largely credited for launching Hulu into the mainstream with its Sarah Palin parodies during this past election season.  Who says content ain't king?)