Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Power, Promise & Accelerating Growth of Internet Video on Demand

Occasionally I like to point out important digital media stories for my readers -- especially on Sundays.

Today's featured story comes from the San Diego Union Tribune (the city's major newspaper) and underscores the promise, power and accelerating reality of high quality video on demand over the Internet.  No one -- no one -- doubts that Internet delivery of television, movies, and essentially all video content will fast become the mode of choice to access such content.  The only question is how long this will take to overcome physical DVDs and other current primary modes.

Television as we know it today -- even with hundreds of on demand channels -- will be seen in the not-to-distant future as being a dinosaur when compared to Internet TV, where the viewer can access anything -- any movie, TV show, stupid pet trick -- when and where they want it.  Have it your way ... finally.

That's why I recently joined Sorenson Media.  The company is positioned perfectly to be a key player in this Internet video on demand eco-system and multi-billion dollar market opportunity.