Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally Twittering ...

For those of you following my blog, I finally have begun to actively Twitter as well.  I will use both my blog and Twitter to continue to provide my "takes" on what I believe to be compelling digital media stories of the day (and week).  But, I also will use these forums to give regular updates on news at Sorenson Media -- and the aggressive agenda we have on tap.  Never hesitate to reach out to me directly to provide candid feedback (good or bad), ideas, suggestions, or simply to establish an ongoing dialog

YouTube Unglued in the U.K.

YouTube's challenges with the music industry continue as all relevant parties struggle with how to monetize, and compensate for, music videos played through the site and over the Internet.  This time, YouTube has been forced to block users in the U.K. from watching music videos after negotiations with Britain's music royalty collecting agency became unglued over appropriate royalties for such content.

The music industry, of course, needs every revenue stream it can get and is committed to avoiding what it believes to have been a cardinal sin from its past -- enabling the creation of behemoth MTV back in the early 1980s when it permitted MTV to broadcast music videos for free (under the theory that this was free promotion and publicity for the music labels).  In this case, YouTube -- and other legitimate sites -- have accepted the notion of paying the labels for such content.  The only question is "how much?"