Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Steve Jobs -- Not Keynoting This January's Macworld

Apple just announced yesterday that Steve Jobs will not be giving the keynote address at January's annual Macworld conference. Head of Marketing Phil Schiller will, instead, be giving Apple's spiel.

Understandably, this announcement has caused great concern over Jobs' health, on the heels of Jobs' appearance at earlier Apple events this year. When asked about Jobs' health, as reported by Time magazine, Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling answered somewhat obliquely: "Phil is giving the keynote address because this is Apple's last year in the show, and it doesn't make sense for us to make a major investment in a trade show we will no longer be attending." Dowling apparently did not directly address the matter of Jobs' health.

Obviously, many view Apple and the company he created as being essentially one. Many investors certainly do. As a result, as of the time of this post at 6:40 am Pacific time (the U.S. financial markets have been open for about 10 minutes), Apple's stock is trading down at 6%.