Monday, December 15, 2008

Video Chat, THE Perfect Xmas Gift -- Personal & Cost-Effective

Lots of pain out there. Difficult for many to have a happy holidays. Yet, the pressure remains to give in this giving holiday season (and there aren't many shopping days left). I've said it before and I'll say it again -- there cannot be much more of a personal and cost-effective gift than video chat.

With high quality and easy-to-use video chat -- I surprisingly recommend SightSpeed, which is the most award-winning service -- anyone can be "with" their distant family and friends anytime they want. And, anyone can do this for FREE (yes, free, with SightSpeed). All you need is a web cam -- and most notebooks and many PCs now have web cams bundled as standard equipment. For noticeably better quality, a high quality web cam from Logitech will run you less than $100.

Let's face it, everyone's travel budgets are down, yet everyone has a need to maintain and grow their personal relationships. Only video chat can do that effectively -- voice calling and text chat/emails alone cannot. And, it really does work. It is drop dead easy to download, register and use.