Saturday, December 06, 2008

Kids -- Don't Do This at Home (or, Tales of Facebook Woes)

Now, for something completely different. This story should make you think twice of putting photos up on your Facebook profile (or any other social network for that matter). Barack Obama's speechwriter-elect, Jon Favreau, was "busted" for a picture of him clutching the breast of a cardboard Hilary Clinton that appeared on Facebook (no, I am not kidding). Obviously, he cannot take that picture back ... An inauspicious beginning to the young man's political career. Perhaps he can pen some kind of apology to the new Secretary of State.

The Yahoo! Drama Continues -- Microsoft's Ballmer Says "Let's Make a Deal"

Just yesterday I wrote about Microsoft's Steve Ballmer hiring long-time Yahoo! executive Qi Lu as a possible first move to purchase Yahoo!'s search business and speed the integration of the two companies' search services. Before the ink was even dry on my post, Ballmer and Lu held a joint interview in which Ballmer urged that the two companies should strike a deal to acquire Yahoo!'s search business "sooner rather than later."

Not much subtlety there -- and expect Yahoo!'s justifiably impatient shareholders to jump on such overtures. Of course, as reported earlier this week as well, AOL's former chief, Jonathan Miller, is making his own Yahoo! chess moves.

Something will happen -- and, in Ballmer's words -- I would expect a major strategic Yahoo! deal to happen "sooner rather than later" one way or another.