Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yahoo! Again the "Buzz" in Silicon Valley

The trials and tribulations for Yahoo! in the past year are notorious. The company's future has ebbed and flowed in the past year as much as the waves lapping the shores here in San Diego -- mostly ebbing since the company inexplicably turned down Microsoft's acquisition offers earlier in the year.

Well, help may be on the way for the struggling company (at least efforts are underway to that end) -- in the form of long-time digital media veteran Jonathan Miller. Miller, of course, served as chief of AOL from 2002-2006 and has been a partner in powerhouse venture capital firm Velocity Interactive Group in Silicon Valley ever since. According to The Wall Street Journal, Miller is trying to cobble together a deal valuing Yahoo! at between $20-$22 a share, significantly lower than Microsoft's offer in the low $30s per share earlier in the year.

While Yahoo! insiders apparently are skeptical about the prospects for Miller's deal, don't count him out. And, it still wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft made a play, despite Steve Ballmer's protestations to the contrary. Dost he protest too much?

Yahoo! has few choices at this point ...