Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen -- Introducing Dell Video Chat Powered by SightSpeed!

Starting today, video chat and conferencing takes a giant leap into the mainstream. Starting today, virtually every Dell consumer laptop ships worldwide with embedded web cams, array mics, and the most innovative, highest quality and easiest to use video communications software -- "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed." While video is THE focus, full wideband audio voice communications (including PSTN in and out telephone calling) and text chat also are part of the communications package. In fact, all of the millions of new "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" users come with 5 minutes of free "get started" PSTN calling minutes, good for calls to any land line or cell phone anywhere in North America. This augments power features such as 4 person video chat that come free of charge to Dell users. Check out more at

Leading site Engadget already leaked the news earlier this morning and concludes that "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" is "a pretty compelling alternative to Apple's iChat."

This is a landmark partnership for SightSpeed -- and we are thrilled to be in business with Dell. And, we are thrilled that Dell features "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" front and center in its new "Dell Dock" -- Dell's brand new task-oriented usability approach to surfacing apps.

Even more compelling, "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" is not just for Dell users. It is for everyone. Like all SightSpeed services, it is cross-platform, supporting both PCs and Macs (very different from those other guys with the fruit logo who continue to believe in a closed walled garden world). And, "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" interoperates not only with all other existing SightSpeed users, but also with all other SightSpeed partner users and any SIP-enabled endpoint. How? Because of SightSpeed's massive existing SIP network -- feature rich, full directory, full presence. The other guys in our space -- big and small -- don't have it; and SIP and SightSpeed's standards-based architecture are essential for interoperability and overall user flexibility. In a word, Dell users all benefit from this kind of "reach", and all other existing users benefit from the reach resulting from the millions of new Dell users.

But there's more. Dell users can, with a click of a button, invite anyone who has an email address to easily install "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" for themselves and enjoy the benefits of SightSpeed's renown video quality and feature set (and new wideband audio and completely revamped and customized user experience). SightSpeed users also can send their personal SightSpeed URL to anyone with a click of the button, so that the recipient can click to call the SightSpeed user through their web browser, without any software download of any kind. You read that right -- without any software download of any kind.

Want even more? "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" users can easily create and send high quality video mails to anyone who has an email address and recipients need not download anything to view those video mails. And, of course, "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" users can make telephone calls to any land line or mobile phone virtually anywhere in the world.

After all, "Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed" is global.

So, welcome to SightSpeed's brave new world -- a world in which video chat and conferencing is as easy and compelling as, well, sight itself. No downloads necessary; no external hardware or installations necessary; no optimization necessary. All is ready to go with a simple click once you turn on your laptop -- click to video chat; click to voice chat; click to text chat. Experience the unique power of video.

We think you will like what you see ...

The full press release is below:


BERKELEY, Calif.–June 26, 2008—SightSpeed Inc., the leading provider of Internet video communications, today announced it has teamed up with Dell to deliver “Dell Video Chat,” an easy-to-use communications application now being bundled with Dell’s new Studio laptops.

Video chat is gaining acceptance as a great way to stay in touch with friends and family across the country or the globe. SightSpeed has been widely recognized by the industry for delivering best-in class video chat capability that works across multiple platforms including Windows, Apple and Linux. The application also includes instant messaging and Internet voice phone capability for a full suite of communications options.

Delivering a simple, easy to use communications experience that is intuitive was a top priority. The application is pre-installed on the systems and is activated with one mouse click. SightSpeed has also made it easy for users to share the application with their friends and family who can simply download the “invitee” client program by visiting

“Dell went out and got the best-of-breed video-communications service—SightSpeed—to be included in their newest laptops. This is as easy-to-use, wherever-you-go as it gets,” said SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy. “Their stamp of approval means that video conferencing is becoming a part of everyday communications and they picked the best company to provide it.”

Dell Video Chat powered by SightSpeed will include the following features:
· A completely redesigned and streamlined Dell user interface
· Free, unlimited video chat worldwide
· Free, unlimited voice chat worldwide
· Free, unlimited text chat worldwide
· 4-Way Group Chat (voice, video or text)
· Low-rate worldwide calling to ordinary phones – 2 cents per minute in the United States and Canada
· 5 minutes of free phone calling is included with every Dell system
· The ability to purchase custom phone numbers and area codes
· Presence indicators
· Message Center: All video/voice calls Inbox
· High-quality Video Mail
· Video Mail recording of up to 3 minutes
· Storage of an unlimited number of Video Mail messages
· Notification of missed calls and receipt of Voice/Video mail and e-mail
Reporting of Video/Voice call history

“Dell is excited about the opportunity to provide enhanced video chat services to our customers,” said Michelle Pearcy, director, Global Client Software Marketing. “The partnership with SightSpeed allows our customers to quickly and easily communicate with friends and family in a variety of ways by combining both text and video chat features into a simplified customer communication experience.”

Because SightSpeed is based completely on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and global standards for setting up and ending voice and video calls over the Internet, it has the distinction of working across the widest variety of computing platforms. As a result, users will easily be able to conduct video, voice and/or text chat with users of devices on any platform.

SightSpeed offers the highest-quality, full-motion, 30-frames-per-second video with clear audio and no delay; it delivers a superior video and audio experience with low to no latency over variable bandwidth conditions. SightSpeed’s patented technology provides superior rate control for any bandwidth, handling of firewalls and video-codec optimization.

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About SightSpeed, Inc.

SightSpeed Inc. is the award-winning provider of Internet video communications for both the consumer and business user, offering the broadest portfolio of industry-leading Internet video communications services. These include, SightSpeed Free, SightSpeed PLUS and SightSpeed Light (for social networks), the most widely praised consumer-focused video chat services, which turn a PC or Mac into an easy-to-use video phone to communicate with friends and family around the world. In addition, SightSpeed Business is the world’s first high-quality, cost-effective and hardware-free videoconferencing service for all businesses, including SMBs.

SightSpeed's services are SIP-based and standards-compliant. The company’s revolutionary human perception-based technology is patented and based on more than ten years of R&D originating at Cornell University. Among the many awards SightSpeed has received are Frost & Sullivan's “Company of the Year” award, PC Magazine's “Editors' Choice,” PC World's “100 Best Products,” and a 2008 “Codie” from the Software & Information Industry Association.

Founded in 2001 and based in Berkeley, Calif., SightSpeed is a privately held company funded by The Roda Group, best known for launching Ask Jeeves and PolyServe. For more information visit