Tuesday, April 15, 2008

High Quality Video -- Coming Soon to a Mobile Phone Near You

First, the desktop. Then, the living room and onto the big screen/TV. Then, the "third screen" -- and ultimately the most important screen, since it is with you at all times -- the mobile phone. High quality video is here and now on the first, growing fast on the second, and coming soon in a big way on the small screen of your mobile phone. Not only will it be YouTube-like video, it also will be high quality live "see what I'm seeing" video and two-way video communications. This article from today's Los Angeles Times gives an update of things to come.

Any doubts of this should be dispelled by Apple's recent patent filing that raises tantalizing details of probable plans by Apple to connect its iPhone to Apple TV for video conferencing. Apple may once again lead, and others are sure to follow.