Monday, February 18, 2008

HD DVD -- "It's a Wrap" for Toshiba's Hi-Def Format

For the past few years, Toshiba's HD DVD format has battled Sony's Blu-ray format to become THE standard for next gen high definition DVDs. This shaped up to be a battle royale a la the Betamax v. VHS wars.

But, this time, Sony appears to be the winner. Several publications are now reporting that Toshiba may officially pull the plug on its HD DVD initiative as early as this week, after Sony's competing format has steadily gained market share and retailer support (including Wal-Mart's announcement last week that it would carry only discs and hardware in the Blu-ray format).

The result -- i.e., on standardized format for hi-def DVDs -- should accelerate the speed of adoption of hi-def discs and hardware in the marketplace, as consumers no longer will be forced into making the confusing decision about which to choose.

Surprisingly, given the significance of this story, it was reported today only on page 2 of the Business section of the Los Angeles Times (and in a tiny one column article).