Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jeff Pulver Started It -- Andy Abramson Perpetuated It -- My "Bucket Lists"

Andy Abramson just tagged me after being tagged himself by Jeff Pulver -- so here is my "bucket list":

(1) watch my kids grow and ultimately grow families of their own -- and be there every step of the way with my lovely wife and our families;

(2) continue to work with dedicated, talented, and good people who are passionate about what they do and achieve great successes together that "make a difference";

(3) deepen my significant friendships and share unique events and adventures (as an example, U2 in concert, Pink Floyd if they ever perform again ...);

(4) continue to travel the world with my family to experience other cultures and appreciate perspectives outside our own in the U.S.;

(5) run a marathon and push my body to its limits;

(6) write a screenplay;

(7) produce a motion picture;

(8) learn how to play guitar;

(9) climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and go on safari in the same week;

(10) encourage my children to seek out adventures and unique experiences of their own ... and to follow their passion and the road less traveled ...