Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 -- A Year in the Life of SightSpeed

As we reach the end of 2007, it is always a good time -- in fact, downright cliche -- to reflect on the past year. At SightSpeed, some notable highlights on the product side included:

(1) our early Spring release of SightSpeed 6.0, our flagship consumer-based video chat service -- which received, once again, a host of awards and kudos, including PC Magazine's coveted "Editors' Choice" award for the third time; and PC World's "100 Best Products of 2007" award (landing in the top quarter of all company products at #21);

(2) our late fall release of SightSpeed Business, our first business only video conferencing service -- which, also received a host of plaudits, including a significant "thumbs up" by PC World; and

(3) our growth, as measured by users, was impressive -- as consumers and businesses alike are moving towards Internet based video communications at an accelerated pace due, in large part, to the embedding of webcams directly in PC hardware on a massive scale.

SightSpeed is fully SIP and standards-based, something we were not as we closed out the year last year. Of course, a focus on standards is critical for interoperability -- something that many of our competitors have not embraced.

2008 looks to be a watershed year for us -- expect some very significant announcements in the New Year.

As usual, I and others from SightSpeed will start the New Year with a bang at CES -- which begins January 7th. I look forward to seeing many of you there and catching up on all things (and wishing each of you well).

Happy New Year!