Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazon Hopes to Re-Kindle Interest in the eBook -- Will Anyone Care?

Amazon is releasing its latest gadget -- the "Kindle" -- which it hopes will popularize eBooks -- after several false starts by many over the years. The white Kindle does its best to clone the look and feel of Apple and the iPod -- which, of course, revolutionized the media business (starting with music first). But, early reviews are not good -- trapezoidal shape? What's up with that? Well, let's not forget -- Amazon is no Apple -- it knows how to sell, but homegrown products are a completely different ballgame of course.

The $399 Kindle also has a much tougher row to sow than the iPod in my view because print books are just fine for most folks, including me. Call me old-fashioned -- and maybe someday I'll eat my words -- but I like the way that good old typeface is easy to read in most lighting conditions. And, I like to turn pages ...

Speaking of books, please recommend some "must read" books for the holidays by posting a comment.