Thursday, November 08, 2007

Teleclass to Feature SightSpeed as Crisis Management Solution

Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management -- an internationally recognized expert and frequent guest on national television programs -- plans to feature SightSpeed as a crisis management solution in an upcoming November 13th "teleclass". This teleclass is titled, "How to Become an Internet Counter-Intelligence Expert:Managing crisis communications that begin on the Internet."

I am pleased to say that Jonathan is a long-time user of SightSpeed and has effectively integrated both live video conferencing and video mail correspondence into his business.

Say It Ain't So, Southwest!

Southwest Airlines -- long the low cost and democratic leader in airline travel -- today goes live with a new "business select" class of tickets that: (1) costs more; (2) includes a cocktail; and (3) guarantees "A" boarding.

What's the fun in that? I travel frequently (I live in San Diego but run a Berkeley-based company), so Southwest is my "bus" to commute to the Bay Area. I am now conditioned -- after two years of doing this -- of checking in online precisely 24 hours in advance of my flight so that I am virtually guaranteed "A" boarding. And, I frequently arrive early to the airport -- some time at ridiculously early hours -- so that I can grab my coffee and park myself on the wonderfully clean floors of airports in the "A" line to virtually guarantee the seating I want. We are road warriors after all, aren't we? Why take the battle out this process? Why make things easy? Southwest, why, why, why????!!!!

By the way, in case you are wondering what the connection is of this story to digital media, think about it this way -- Southwest is THE airline for Silicon Valley travel (Internet and digital media executives). Costs are low, service is good, schedules are extremely flexible. But, Southwest is not really an airline -- it is more like a commuter's bus. That's why Southwest's new "business select" class is so unusual -- it is such a traditional airline move! This seemingly inocuous move constitutes a sea change in Southwest's personality! (and more changes are a'comin' -- we soon need to look at numbers printed on our boarding passes and board accordingly; all of this will make the earlier simple process and protocol far more complex -- I take some discomfort for the sake of simplicity!)