Friday, October 26, 2007

Working "Virtually" During Times of Crisis

This week's fires throughout the Southland impacted hundreds of thousands of people, of course. But, after we all first made sure our families and friends were safe, did business stop? No chance. Not in this day and age when it is increasingly commonplace to work "virtually" -- outside a central office, in the field, wherever you may be. All you need is a notebook PC and a broadband connection -- your "office" is with you no matter where you roam.

And, roam we did this week when we were forced to evacuate. When crisis hit, my wife and I packed up the car with our two kids, two dogs, minimal clothing and food, photographs and hard drives, and 3 laptop computers -- that's it. Within a few hours, I was back "in the saddle" and working -- and information-gathering about the building crisis -- online. Andy Abramson wrote about living and working virtually just the other day, and his post his worth a read.