Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thought Leader Jon Arnold Launches New Portal -- "IP Convergence TV"

Many of you know Jon Arnold, fellow blogger and overall IP communications guru and thought leader. Jon is respected world-wide and quoted widely as an expert in the international press about IP communications, fixed mobile convergence, and IPTV. So, it is no accident that he is behind a new portal that goes live tomorrow about precisely those subjects -- IP Convergence TV. Check it out -- undoubtedly will provide invaluable information and insights.

Microsoft Saves Face By Beating Google to the Punch for Minority Stake in Facebook

As just reported by The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Facebook have reached a deal pursuant to which Microsoft up to $250 million for a minority stake that values Facebook up to as much as $15 billion! Microsoft "beat" Google to the punch on this one, as Google was reported to have been actively courting Facebook as well. But, at such lofty valuations, the question will be -- "who beat whom" here?