Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Free SightSpeed For All Those Impacted by the Fires in Southern California

SightSpeed's entire San Diego team -- 5 of us -- are all evacuated, together with much of the City, as a result of the continuing devastation of our City. LA and all other parts North of San Diego also are out of control in many places.

Emergency crews must coordinate their efforts; healthcare workers must coordinate their efforts; families and friends are separated and need to stay connected now more than ever (hundreds -- if not thousands -- will be displaced for months due to the devastation which shows no sign of abating at this time). But, cellular networks have been overrun much of the time (and emergency workers are urging citizens only to use their cell phones in emergencies in order to ease the pain on emergency workers). SightSpeed can help -- if you have a broadband connection and a PC or Mac, you can make voice calls anywhere. If you have a webcam, you can make video calls and have multiparty video conferencing (up to 4 people) -- this could be particularly helpful to coordination efforts.

As a result of this, and to help do whatever we can to help with communications, SightSpeed will makes its PRO services (which includes multi-party video conferencing) available for free to those impacted with the fires. No questions asked, we will get you set up.

Just go to our website at www.sightspeed.com and look for the special "FREE 90 Day" offer in the lower left-hand corner of our site.

Please spread the word to relevant folks impacted -- particularly charitable organizataions and emergency crews!