Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize -- Leveraging Media to Convey His Message

Breaking news -- former Vice President (and winning President to many) Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to spread awareness of global warming and climate change. Gore, of course, leveraged the power of the media in all its forms -- motion picture, television, Internet, books -- to convey his message.

Of course, Gore's environmental messages are near and dear to us at SightSpeed, as our company not only distributes a video communications service that is "green" to its core and available to anyone for FREE, but also we at our Berkeley-based company have lived that green-friendly message ourselves ("eaten our own dog food") in our own work culture for years. Unlike many other companies, "green" is not just fashion -- it is part of who we are at SightSpeed.

Now the question becomes -- "Will Al Run" (again) for the nation's highest office?