Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Want My Internet2 Network! Now 10X Faster -- 100 Gbps

Never heard of the Internet2 network? Level 3 Communications runs this ultra high-speed Internet network that parallels the regular Internet for the benefit of certain fortunate universities, companies and researchers. Well, this mega-network just got 10X faster to 100 gigabits per second (previously was "only" 10 Gbps -- which already is thousands times faster than standard home broadband connections).

Why is this compelling from a digital media standpoint and not just exciting for techies? Well, just imagine the possibilities in consuming rich media -- movies, television and more -- via ultra high-speed Internet. Let's face it, broadband speeds in this country, as compared to others, are abysmal -- and all of this significantly adversely impacts the opportunities for content providers to monetize their content online.

Where do I sign up?