Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Carly Fiorina Is Baaack! In Hollywood

Ex H-P topper Carly Fiorina has signed on to the new Fox Business News Channel as a "contributor." Rupert Murdoch's new business-focused channel is slated to debut October 15th and faces off squarely against CNBC.

EBay -- Welcome to The SOCIAL Networking Neighborhoods

EBay today joins the social networking fray by adding a new major component, called "Neighborhoods," that is designed to add a significant visual and interactive experience to what previously has been essentially a text-based experience. Neighborhoods enables and encourages its online auction users to post photos, product reviews and more, so that they can do more than just shop. They can now "socialize" and interact with each other around topics.

Now, it certainly can be said that the online auction site has been a "social network" from the very beginning -- in fact, the quintessential social network for commerce (buying and selling). The new Neighborhoods component is designed to make EBay a bit more fun and, well, less overtly commercial. EBay also promises additional customer-friendly features by year-end in the hope of accelerating its pace of growth and keeping its users coming back for more than just "stuff."