Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Quoth Verizon, iPhone Nevermore!

Our new high end "Voyager" cell phone "will kill the iPhone", quoth Verizon's Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman, when unveiling the iPhone killer earlier today and just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Strong words indeed, as the streets are littered with companies who previously have taken on the challenge of beating Apple at its "cool factor" game and have lost in humbling ways (Microsoft Zune anyone?) (FYI -- Microsoft just today also announced a new line of Zunes for the holiday season.)

But, Verizon is, of course, Verizon -- and has a built-in advantage. It owns many of us (including me) in long-term service contracts and I will be one of the likely many who will check it out. The Voyager -- in a homage to the iPhone -- also has a full touch-screen. But, the Voyager offers faster wireless Web access than the iPhone, and the Voyager also hinges open to reveal a keypad and second screen. Its price? Verizon wouldn't yet say -- but, the rumblings hint at a price similar to the iPhone at $399.

If the Voyager isn't too bulky, it may be an interesting entry into the mobile market.

Lifecasting -- The Live Version of YouTube

YouTube and a host of others, of course, enable anyone to post recorded video snippets of their lives captured anytime, anywhere.

But,, and a growing host of others, now enable anyone to broadcast moments of their lives -- or all 24/7 of it -- live via the Internet. The Los Angeles Times today writes a feature story about so-called "lifecasting" -- this type of live broadcasting. Now, THIS is reality TV.

The question is -- if you build it, will they come?