Monday, October 01, 2007

AT&T Is (Inter)Wise About Its Business Collaboration and Communications Focus

The business-focused Internet collaboration and communications space race heated up yet again with AT&T's just announced purchase of web conferencing service provider Interwise for $121 million cash.

Interwise provides IP-based collaboration and communications services for the enterprise market -- focused on voice solutions. Uber-blogger Andy Abramson gives his take on this move by AT&T and what it means for the overall business communications and collaboration space (and gives nice kudos to my company, SightSpeed).

Now, if only the SMB market had a high quality, cost-effective -- and fully portable (i.e., "you can take it with you") -- video conferencing solution! That doesn't exist yet, but, is coming soon from SightSpeed ...

"SightSpeed Business" -- video-conferencing for the SMB market -- will be the first service to finally bring big business video conferencing to every business. I will be discussing this more and more as our launch is imminent ... (and Andy Abramson gives a nice discussion of how SightSpeed's video quality is long overdue and differentiated for the business/SMB market).

Stay tuned ... and DON'T BUY those expensive and unwieldy room-based video conferencing units!

If you are interested in a feature by feature comparison of SightSpeed Business with the services offered by "the other guys" (both big and small) contact me at