Friday, September 14, 2007

Bob Marley v. Verizon -- Is Everything Gonna Be Alright?

An unfortunate and ugly dispute is brewing between the estate of Bob Marley, Verizon Wireless, and Universal Music (owner of the Marley music catalog). Verizon negotiated with Universal to be the exclusive provider of Bob Marley ring tones -- but, Marley's estate contends that this deal required its approval.

As a result of sabre rattling by the Marley camp, Verizon had just taken down most of the Marley ring tones from its web site -- thereafter prompting an aggressive non-conciliatory response by the Marley camp. This led to Verizon responding that it would now place all of the previously taken-down Marley content back onto its site today.

And, adding fuel to the fire, now Universal Music is apparently saying that the Marley catalog will be available to all carriers after all.

With all the peace, love and understanding in Bob Marley's songs, all of this begs the question -- is everything (really) gonna be alright? C'mon people -- Marley is no Gordon Gecko -- we all understand that "greed is good" at times; but, let's not forget that ultimately it is about Marley's music (and his overall legacy). The ugliness of this situation is simply sad ...

Stay tuned ...