Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Video & Crisis Management

International crisis management expert Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management is a regular on CNBC and elsewhere ... and, I am pleased to say, that he is a heavy user and proponent of Internet video communications and SightSpeed as part of his crisis management arsenal.

Crisis Management Expert Jonathan Bernstein on the Power of Video from csathy and Vimeo.

We issued the following press release today about our formal relationship (and also recorded this interview about Jonathan's use of video using SightSpeed's "record a video call" feature):


SIERRA MADRE, Calif., Sept. 5, 2007 – Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. has selected SightSpeed, the fastest growing video communications company on the Web, to deliver immediate media training and crisis consulting services directly to executive desktops anywhere there is a broadband connection.

Jonathan Bernstein, president of Bernstein Crisis Management, said, “No telephone connection can substitute for face-to-face communication, but when a crisis is breaking there’s often no time to meet, even if you’re in the same town. With SightSpeed, my clients and I can swap voice and image with excellent clarity, and they can even project my face onto any viewing surface if they have other people in the room, like their crisis response team.”

SightSpeed offers video calling and multi-party video conferencing services over the Internet enabling consumers and businesses to communicate face to face anytime, from anywhere.
Named 2007 Company of the Year by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, SightSpeed offers best-in-class video and voice over IP (VVoIP) that is east to set up and use. Beyond video calling and multi-party conferencing, users can record and publish videos to blogs, Websites and emails.

”There is no better way to communicate than face-to-face and SightSpeed is committed to bringing the power of in-person communication to businesses and consumers everywhere, “said Peter Csathy, chief executive officer, SightSpeed. “Jonathan is at the leading edge of his industry by using SightSpeed to transform the practice of crisis management.”

Bernstein, based in Southern California, has already used SightSpeed to give refresher media-training to an East Coast client and is encouraging all clients and business contacts, worldwide, to adopt the technology.

SightSpeed also enables any organization to send video emails and generate code that can embed the video on a website, all in minutes,” said Bernstein. “The uses for crisis-related messaging are obvious, but some of my clients are also picking up on how they might use SightSpeed for more routine promotional purposes as well, as have I.”

To see a SightSpeed video conversation between Jonathan Bernstein and Peter Csathy about the relationship between Bernstein Crisis Management and SightSpeed, please visit:

Bernstein Crisis Management,, is a 13-year-old national consultancy providing the full range of crisis management services: vulnerability assessment, planning, training and simulations.

Comedian Tom Green Uses SightSpeed

I previously blogged about how major television networks -- including MTV and Nickelodeon -- use SightSpeed and live video interactivity to break down the barriers previously existing between networks and their viewers.

Comedian Tom Green -- whose career took off on MTV several years back -- uses SightSpeed for the same reasons on his popular Internet talk show that he hosts from his own show. Check out this clip from the new prime time ABC news magazine iCaught about Tom's use of live Internet video -- and SightSpeed -- to interact directly and on the air with guests, reporters and his fans.