Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's In A Name? Dot-coms Use Whimsy To Try To Stand Out

Interesting read from today's Los Angeles Times about the effort of many dot-coms (start-ups) to use whimsical names to stand-out from the crowd. Call it the "Google effect" -- since that former start-up company with the funny name has done, I would say, "ok" using whimsy front and center (the Google corporate motto is "don't be evil").

Xoopit, Wakoopa, Vudu, Qumana, Qoosa, Tagtooga, Tendango -- just some of this new class of names. Memorable? Or, simply forgettable and unpronounceable at times? You be the judge.

At SightSpeed, we selected a name that is designed to conjure up precisely what we do -- we lead with fast great quality Internet video services. Even our beta "sister" website Vlip is meant to connote precisely what it is -- i.e. video clips (hence "v" as in video, and "lip" as in clip (vlip also connotes video over IP and active/easy participation in the process).

The fundamental question becomes -- how many of these funny names will be around same time next year?