Monday, August 06, 2007

Video Classifieds -- New Democratizing Power for E-Commerce (and Satisfying a Thirst for Celebrity Too!)

Video advertising, of course, is nothing new. But, video classifieds -- created by you or me and served up on the Internet -- is relatively new -- and is uniquely powerful as compared with text-based web classifieds. Video itself is uniquely powerful as a medium and holds unique promise for e-commerce (I have blogged about this before). And, video classifeds on the web are democratizing -- anyone can easily and inexpensively make and post a high quality video classifed on the Internet (as an example, SightSpeed users can create full 30 frame/second video for free and post those videos anywhere throughout the Internet or send them to potential customers -- again for free -- using video mail). Anyone can also satisfy a thirst to try to become a celebrity by creating his or her video classified -- a factor that should not be lost when considering this new opportunity. Read the feature story "Classified ads come alive on the Web" from the front page of today's Los Angeles Times Business section.