Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Heart Goes Out to My Home Town -- Minneapolis

For the second straight day, please indulge me as I blog about something very personal -- this time, about my home town Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the terrible bridge collapse yesterday during rush hour (which was captured on video).

I grew up in Minneapolis. The University of Minnesota is my alma mater. And the bridge crosses the Mississippi River right on campus -- I drove that bridge frequently, as do all folks from Minneapolis as Interstate 35 is one of the central arteries in the city. My niece goes to school at the U of M (and my mother and sister's family all live in Minneapolis), and you can imagine that one of my first calls was to make sure that my niece and all family members and friends (as far as we know) were safe. Fortunately, they are. Others, of course, are not.

I have lived in California since graduating from law school -- since 1989 (almost 20 years). But, I am a Minnesotan through and through. Maybe it's something about the crazy weather or the crazy sports teams (I am a life-long Minnesota Vikings fan, which is a special breed given the team's consistently disappointing history). Minnesotans are different -- folksy, old fashioned, perennial underdogs -- yet not to be underestimated (Minnesota Twins), throwbacks in a way (they say "hi" to people they don't know, they don't take shortcuts).

My heart goes out to my home-town and all of the good people touched by this terrible tragedy which continues to unfold ...