Thursday, July 26, 2007

Veoh Names New CEO as Growth Accelerates

Veoh, the fast growing San Diego-based Internet video company, just announced that Dmitry Shapiro has stepped aside as CEO (to become the "Chief Innovation Officer") and Steve Mitgang is now the new chief exec. Mitgang most recently served as an SVP at Yahoo!, spearheading major changes to its advertising services (and prior to that Mitgang was CEO of Carlsbad-based web analytics firm Keylime Software, which was acquired by Overture in 2003).

Veoh's backers include media/digital media notables, including former Disney topper Michael Eisner. And, Veoh's growth has been impressive -- accelerating from 4.4 million unique users in February to 14.3 million unique users in June. I have known Veoh and Shapiro from inception -- the company conceptualized and launched ahead of YouTube in a little known fact -- and is now hopes to pioneer IPTV.